Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rustic Wedding Photograph by

Rustic Wedding in Georgia, Mountains

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have had the honor of shooting many wonderful locations through out the state.  While I love the lights of the big city I also enjoy the surrounding metro area and the rolling hills and people of rural Georgia.

I recently had the honor of shooting a beautiful rustic wedding outside of Atlanta.  I am really not good a giving labels to styles but I would describe this wedding as sort of "Country French".  The wedding definitely had a style that reflected the bride and groom.  It was very classy with out putting on airs.  The wedding venue had a barn that lead to a open amphitheater like area for the ceremony.  The background of the wedding is the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains and the soft rolling hills of the vineyard of  the estate.

The couple that got married could not have been more gracious.  They were so thoughtful to each other.   They were blessed with many wonderful friends and family that celebrated the union of two very special people.

If you have been following my blog you have been seeing me preach about my love of natural light.  Well this wedding gave me plenty of chances to take advantage of it. With the ceremony outside it gave me plenty of natural light to play with.  The openness of the wedding area the light bathed the wedding party in this wonderful glow.    

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