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Atlanta Artistic Weddings shots Wedding in Memphis

It is such an honor being a wedding photographer!  Recently I had the honor of shooting a wedding in Memphis, Tennessee.  It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was on top of the famous Peabody Hotel.  We did our photography at some of the more famous Memphis landmarks such as Mud Island, the Mississippi River, Parks and Beale Street.
For those who don't know the history of Memphis and Beale Street I will share with you some highlights.  Beale Street was created in 1841 by entrepreneur and developer Robertson Topp (1807–1876), who named it for a forgotten military hero. The original name was Beale Avenue. Its western end primarily housed shops of trade merchants, who traded goods with ships along the Mississippi River, while the eastern part developed as an affluent suburb. In the 1860s, many black traveling musicians began performing on Beale. The first of these to call Beale Street home were the Young Men's Brass Band,who were formed by Sam Thomas in 1867.
In 1909, W. C. Handy wrote "Mr. Crump" as a campaign song for political machine leader E. H. Crump. The song was later renamed "The Memphis Blues." Handy also wrote a song called "Beale Street Blues" in 1916 which influenced the change of the street's name from Beale Avenue to Beale Street. From the 1920s to the 1940s, Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Memphis Minnie, B. B. King, Rufus Thomas, Rosco Gordon and other blues and jazz legends played on Beale Street and helped develop the style known as Memphis Blues. As a young man, B. B. King was billed as "the Beale Street Blues Boy." One of Handy's proteges on Beale Street was the young Walter Furry Lewis, who later became a well known blues musician. In his later years Lewis lived near Fourth and Beale, and in 1969 was recorded there in his apartment by Memphis music producer Terry Manning.

The Peabody where this wedding was held has a wonderful historic hotel with a rich history.  It is located on Union Avenue in Memphis closely located to Beale street.  Here is a brief history of the hotel from their website:

"Peabody history dates back to 1869 and when the original Peabody Hotel opened on the corner of Main & Monroe and immediately became the social and business hub of Memphis. In 1925 a newer, grander Peabody was built at its present location at Union and 2nd Street continuing the legacy of the "South's Grand Hotel." It was 1933 when ducks were originally placed in the hotel's lobby fountain, setting in motion an 80-year tradition that continues today with the March of the Peabody Ducks. The Peabody name has become synonymous with the 5 North American mallard ducks that are now the living symbol of the Peabody brand."
This video was shot in Memphis on Beale Street and the Peabody Hotel.  This bridal party was the best ever!!!  They were so cool even under the heat of Memphis.  You can tell by the video that there is the usual Beale Street crowd.  As we were walking in the middle of the street we had plenty of clapping and cheers of "congrats!".  What a great way to start out your wedding!  Hand in had with friends and family with cheers from strangers.  I love the fact that this photos was taken at such a wonderful landmark of American history and American music!

The reception was on top of the roof of the Peabody Hotel.  Where the guests where treated to a view of sky line of Memphis and the Mississippi River.  There was even fireworks after the base ball game that coincided with the wedding.  What a night!

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