Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Classic Wedding Photography at the Delta Flight Museum

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at www.AtlantaArtisticWeddings.com
Photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at www.AtlantaArtisticWeddings.com

 Atlanta Artistic Weddings at the Delta Flight Museum

I could not wait to share this recent wedding.  The couple was great!!  They are Delta employees and wanted a aviation feel for their wedding so they had their wedding reception at the Delta Flight Museum.

The wedding started at one of my favorite churches in Atlanta Christ the King.  It is historic church in downtown Atlanta in the Buckhead area.   The church was built in the 1930’s and is a beautiful church with French Gothic architectural styling.  It is very popular church for weddings because of it’s beauty.  It also has a expanded bridal room with large mirrors and room for a large wedding party.

When we left the church we took a little detour at Piedmont Park.   When we were there we took advantage of the Atlanta skyline.   The wedding party were great even in the hot summer weather they awesome!

We leave Piedmont Park and leave to the Delta Flight Museum.  The people at the museum could not have been better they were so gracious and accommodating.   We took advantage of the large spaces and the classic planes.  In the photo is a restored Delta Douglas DC-3. Only Delta passenger Douglas DC-3 in existence. Carefully restored by team of volunteers and Delta employees from 1995 to October 1999, to combine 1940 vintage style with modern avionics. No other DC-3 in the world restored with such attention to detail. See Restoration Photo Album.

I want to thank this wonderful couple for giving me the honor of being their wedding photographer.  They are a such a great couple who where so patient through out the day.  They are truly blessed with some the most wonderful friends and family!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bright Future with a Beautiful Rainbow!

Wedding photography by www.atlantaartisticweddings.com

 Serendipity in Atlanta Wedding Photography

 There is a a little serendipity involved in wedding photography.  Serendipity are happy accidents and when you are shooting a wedding you have to be open to these opportunities when they arise.  When I shoot this wedding I could not have been happier when this happened.

When you shoot a wedding there are something you can't control such as the weather.  You can't stop the rain or it is going to be cloudy.  Well this wedding everything came together.   The couple had a great group of friends and family gather at their house outside of Atlanta.  There was a slight chance of rain in the late afternoon as it usually is in the hot summer.  This particular day we did not have rain but were blessed with a beautiful rainbow.   It was like the cherry on top of the cake of a wonderful wedding and such a special couple.  You could not have asked for a better symbol of a bright future together that the rainbow that came out right after they said "I do".

It was such an honor to be party of a such a unique occasion.   It seems that whole world was there to witness the beauty of nature, love and happiness.  I truly believe we all witnessed a special sign from above to bless this couple and their bright future.

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