Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wedding Exit with Sparklers by a Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at www.AtlantaArtisticWeddings.com
Sparkler Exit captured by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at www.AtlatnaArtisticWeddings.com

This sparkler exit is captured the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at www.AtlantaArtisticWeddings.com.   As you can see a sparkler exit makes for dramatic photos!  They produce a great light and make for a fun exit to be enjoyed by all!

I have shoot many wedding exits and the sparkler exit is my favorite!  I will share a few pointers on make a beautiful sparkler exit.  Lets first start with what type of sparkler you should have.  The longer the sparkler the better.  As you can see in this photo that they used the long sparklers.  The long sparklers give you enough time to get all the sparklers lit and give you enough time to slowly stroll though the exit.  The other thing is how to light your sparklers.  It takes a while to light a sparkler with a lighter.  They light faster with another sparkler.  And lastly the most important thing to remember is safety first!  Be sure that you have a safe place to put the sparklers after you have used them.  Have bucket of sand or water on hand to but the hot sparklers after you are done.

This particular wedding was held at Fair Weather FarmsThis place has become one of the most popular wedding venues in this area because of the beautiful landscape and the elegant, country-living style facilities. We take pride in making sure that your special day is both beautiful and stress-free. We have ample space for parking, room for up to 150 guests, a covered reception hall, and a beautiful indoor option if the weather doesn't cooperate. In short, no matter what the weather does on your big day, we can make sure that you and your guests have a wonderful time and beautiful pictures and memories.

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