Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Greek Wedding in Atlanta

greek church in Atlanta by www.atlantaartisticweddings.com
Wedding at Greek Church in Atlanta by www.atlantaartisticweddings.com

As a Atlanta wedding photographer, I recently had the honor of shooting a wedding at the Annunciation Cathedral is a Greek Orthodox Cathedral located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the seat of the Archbishop of the Metropolis of Atlanta, in the Southeastern United States. It has been one of my favorite churches since I have moved to Atlanta.  It is the home of the famous Atlanta Greek festival and some of the best Greek food ever!!!  It is a beautiful church with some of the greatest people!  The church has two sanctuaries.  The larger one I suppose is for larger crowds and there is a smaller one attached to the administrative building.  Both sanctuaries have these great details with such wonderful natural light and grand ceilings for you wedding.

I felt that this wedding I had come full circle in my photography career.  Growing up my fathers best friend was a Greek man named Pete.  He was basically like my uncle. He would often would bestow pearls of wisdom to me.  He was also the one who took the time to show me how to use my first camera.  How to load film and develop film for prints. He was very pragmatic in his approach to photography and life but he also had a very deep love for people and the places he visited.  After my father died I would still go home and Pete and I would go out to breakfast together.  I looked forward to those morning and the fellowship of one of the people I love.

The bride and groom at this wedding were great! The groom was one of this years tallest grooms with such a gentle soul.  The bride was stunning and wore a cross between a mermaid and trumpet cut dress with this beautifully open back with a lace details.  The dress made such a statement with when the train was laid out.   The more dress I see, I look at how the dress looks when it is bustled and this one looked natural and it was integrated wonderfully.  It looked natural and it was very simply done with just a few buttons. It was the perfect match for bride and dress. 

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