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Atlanta Artistic Wedding Shoot Sparkler Exit

The Atlanta Wedding Photographers at shoot a Sparkler Exit

Sparkler Exit at Atlanta Wedding

I am so blessed to be a Atlanta wedding photographer!  I get to meet so many wonderful people and learn about so many cultures in our great city.  This week I shot a wedding at Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church located in Marietta just out side of Atlanta.  It is a wonderful church and the members, family and couple could not have been more gracious.  It was truly an honor to be their wedding photographer.
The bride wore a sleeveless cut Basque cut wedding dress.  The train on the dress was something to die for.  The train and long veil the bride choose complemented the dress.  The dress also had pockets!  When buying a wedding dress you may not think of pockets but they are good to have when you need them!  The dress also had some rough cut trim around the waist which gave the dress a little rock and roll edge to it.  The bride wore it well!
For the exit the bride choose a sparkler exit as you can see above.  I want to thank the couple for their patience during the wedding.  I also want to give a big shout out to my partner for the day Sara!  With out her help I would not have been able to get the shots you see here. 
The Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church is a beautiful church.  It has the painted dome that most Greek churches have.  The nave's detail was beautiful.  The painting on the dome was phenomenal.  The painting was rich in tradition of the Cathedrals of the past.
I have a deep appreciation of the Greek Orthodox Church.  The person who originally taught me photographer was a greek friend of my dads.  He was like a uncle to me growing up.  When ever I came home he would pick me up and just he and I would go out to breakfast together.  I will treasure those times forever.
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