Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Haiti Eco Village Trip for Atlanta Photographer

Hello everyone, I know this is a little off base compared to my other posts.   I wanted to share that I am going to Haiti on a mission trip.  I will be going with a great group from the Atlanta Church Group.  Currently we are learning about Haiti, The Eco Village and the culture.  We will be meeting with Haitian-Atlantans who will talk with us about their homeland.  In Haiti we will visit port-Au-Prince and the country side to the Eco-Village.  At the end of each day we will gather for reflection and devotion, seeking to understand our experiences and asking for God's guidance.

The group will consist of about 10 people and 2 translators.  The EcoVillages are in the Central plateu or Haiti about 5 miles or 3 hours from Port-au-Prince airport.  I am told the roads are rough and bouncy.   I am looking forward to serving and the adventure ahead.

We would love your support for such a great cause.  Please go to https://www.haitiecovillageschool.org/ and learn more about this great group and the wonderful things they do.  Currently there are 6 villages that sit on previously unoccupied land, home to more than 300 refugees.  Families live in sturdy homes surrounded by gardens, with clean water supplied by wells.  Each village has 10 homes, each home with one acre of land.  They are model communities that show how Haitians can live safe, productive and independent lives.  There is one problem: EcoVillages are in a rural area with no schools or medical access.  Lack of schooling for their children is the chief concern of the parents.  

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