Monday, February 13, 2017

Looking Forward to Building Bridges to Haiti

Hi my name is David Diener and I am a Atlanta wedding photographer at  Over the years I have heard about mission trips to Haiti.  My sister and my cousins who are ministers have been there on mission trips.  I was enthralled when they shared stories of the country and the how different Haiti is from the rest of the world. For some reason I could always find a reason that I could not go.  The excuses that everyone else has.  I have other obligations, I can’t get away from work, so you get the idea.

My church Good Shepherd has been having people volunteer and work on mission trips to Haiti.  They showed slide shows of the country and the people. When they came back I could see that they had changed from the person they were before the trip.  Chris Calia our neighbor, great friend and leader in our church did a minute for mission one Sunday on Haiti.  I listened as he shared his experiences in Haiti and that he is organizing another group from Good Shepherd to participate on another mission trip to Haiti.  He also said that this trip they were looking for a photographers to document their mission trip.  Well when he said that it was like a sign from god for me to go on this trip.   I looked at my calendar the only free time I had was during mission trip dates another sign calling for me to go on this trip.  

I talked to Chris and he knew I had a interest on the trip so he invited me to a informational and planning meeting for the trip.  I was so in awe of everyone there.  They came from many diverse backgrounds but a common passion for the people in Haiti.  They welcomed me and instantly I felt like I was part of great team on a mission.  I am going to do my best to bring a voice to the mission trip.  Hopefully this trip will build a bridge from Atlanta to Haiti to plant seeds of hope and a better future for the people there.

Now I need to ask everyone who reads this post for a favor. Please pray for our group and our mission trip.  Please say a prayer for the people who we are going to see.  Thank you so much for your support which essential for a successful mission!

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