Thursday, March 2, 2017

AtlantaArtisticWeddings at the Four Seasons Hotel shoots wedding at Four Seasons Hotel

AtlantaArtisticWeddings and the Four Seasons Hotel

We are so proud to be wedding photographers in Atlanta.   We are so lucky to shoot at some of the great wedding venues in Atlanta.  The Four Seasons is one the best wedding venues in the metro Atlanta Area!   It is nestled North of downtown Atlanta in the "Atlanta Midtown Area".

First of all let us start with the staff.  When you are having a wedding you are putting together a "wedding team".  The staff at the Four Seasons Hotel are the "A" team of weddings.  They communicate well with all the vendors and wedding party.  They are gracious and generous to vendors and guests alike.  They will make your wedding a day to remember!

Atlanta Artistic Weddings shot a wedding at the Four Seasons.  Like all great hotels the entrance and main lobby are a site to behold.  The main staircase is grand and the design of it is a tip of the hat of the great hotels of Europe.  We did a lot of our photos in the lobby of the hotel but the staff showed us some other areas of the hotel to get some great views of the city!  There are several smaller balconies that you can go out on and get some great vistas of Atlanta.  Of course there is the front of the hotel where this photo is taken that reflects the grandeur of the hotel.  

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