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Atlanta Wedding Photographers Love Natural Light Photography

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Recently we had the honor of shooting at Saint Ives Country Club. It is a wonderful county club outside of Atlanta.  It has a club house on the north side of the property that is nestled beside the shooting range.  It has a balcony and veranda for wedding ceremonies and parties.  There is a ball room to the right when you come in to the club house.  Below that portion is a another meeting room for the bride to get ready.  This conveniently located next to the veranda.

The bride and groom were awesome!  They were so much fun to be around and were so thoughtful to one another.  The groom was always checking on her to make sure she had everything she needed.  She also was thinking of him and what he needed for the big day.

Well there is one thing that you can not control on your wedding day and that is the weather.  When it came close to the time of the ceremony came you guessed it...... it started to sprinkle a little bit.  As you can see the rain would not be good for a fragile dress like this.  So we had to look for options for photography inside.  When I first saw this dress I fell in love with it.  It is like a water fall that keeps flowing and the details seem to spread like a cloud across the floor.  It makes a very dramatic statement to say the least.  So when I was thinking of photographing it I was thinking of using dramatic light to compliment the grandeur of the dress.  I saw these big windows and the natural light coming from them and said I have to use those!  So what we did was cut off the lights in the room so only the light from the window was coming through brought that beautiful bride and her dress to the window and let the natural light coming from it do the work.  These Atlanta wedding photographers could not be happier with the results.

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