Saturday, June 17, 2017

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Shoot the Leukemia and Lymphoma

As a Atlanta Wedding photographer it was a great honor to photograph the Leukemia and Lymphoma the Man and Woman of the Year Awards Ceremony at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta.   The participants of the event worked hard to raise awareness and for research for .  They each had very personal stories that touch the hearts of everyone there.  There is no one that is immune to pain that cancer brings.
A friend of mine Lee Collins asked me to volunteer for this event I said yes but I did not tell him why this charity meant so much to me.  When I was 17 years old my best friend was diagnosed with lymphoma.   When you are young teenager you think that your are invincible and that cancer is what others get.  His name was Danny Woods and we had made plans to be roommates in going to college.  During the school year things got progressively worse for Danny.  They tried all they could with what they knew then.  He lost his hair and his immune system was shot.  He graduated High school but he died that summer.  I still remember going over to his house and hugging his dad when he passed.  We buried him on my 18th birthday.  I still miss his sense dry wit and playing crazy 8s card game on Sunday with him.  I named my youngest son after my Danny.  Funny enough when I look at my son I see a little Danny in there.
My story is just one of many that people have.  It was nice to see so many people being so supportive to one another.  Just a random hug that lets you know that someone cares.  You can't really ask for more.
Please visit and learn about this great organization.  They are making a positive difference in the world!!!!!
Atlanta Wedding Photographer - photography by - www.atlantaartis
Atlanta Wedding Photographer - photography by - www.atlantaartis

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