Thursday, August 17, 2017

Engagement Photography by AtlantaArtisticWeddings | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

The Atlanta wedding photographers at had the honor to shoot this wonderful couple on Saturday for their engagement photos.

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at
Well this Saturday was one for the books for these Atlanta Wedding Photographers.   It was like all the stars aligned to make for a wonderful session!  I had a wonderful fun couple!!! They came to the session early and with their dog.  The couple were so thoughtful to each other and just a joy!  The dog was full of energy and loved photo bombing the couple shots which made for fun and spontaneous engagement photos that reflect the couples personality.

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

Well I have to admit when I started the shoot I was trying to think positive.  When  I got up that morning I was worried about the weather because it was dark and cloudy.  As you know that the weather is the one thing that you can not do anything about.  So I kept thinking positive all the way to the shoot.  It was as if when I got to the shoot the clouds parted and it became a beautiful morning with great light and weather!!

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

Well when the clouds left the party began!  We explored the area and just generally had a ball!  There was hardly no one in the area so we where able to let the dog off the leash (which the dog wanted badly!).    I can not say enough nice things about this great couple.  They were just a joy to be around and fun to shoot.  They knew how to have fun and it was great to capture their personality in photos.  As you can see they just kicked off their shoes and let their hair down and had a blast!

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