Friday, October 27, 2017

Atlanta Artistic Weddings Shoots Great Band!

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

Atlanta Wedding Photographers shoot Band with Special Guest

This weekend the Atlanta wedding photographers had the honor of shooting a great band who knows how to get a party started! The band consisted of a awesome guitar player, drummer, bass player, keyboards, horn player, and two of the best singers ever!

I always like a good band who gets the crowd going!  This band got the crowd participation going!  The grooms cousin got to sing and the grooms brother got to play drums with the band.  The crowd loved it, the band loved it and the brother loved it too.  They were so gracious with their time and talents while sharing the music with the crowd.  The room rocked as they played through out the day and night.

As a Atlanta wedding photographer one of my favorite things when shooting wedding is the unexpected.  Well this one had so many wonderful unexpected moments that I was honored to capture.  It is sort of like music and improvising you need to be open to the moment.  Then be aware to listen and look.
Well there was one rocking patron a guest there who told the band he loved "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.  He was probably around 10 years old.  The band  knew the song and invited this young man up.  As soon as he got on the band's stage he turned into a different person.  All of a sudden this little guy became a rocking front man!  He worked the crowd and everyone crowded the stage to get a eyeful of this man.  What I love about the photo is the other women singer in the band being amazed at this little rocker!  Like I said before what I love about wedding photography is the unexpected and this was defiantly one of those!
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