Friday, October 13, 2017

AtlantaArtisticWeddings Shoots at Strand Theater

Photo by the Atlanta wedding photographers at

Atlanta Artistic Weddings shoot at the Strand Theater located in Marietta Square

The Atlanta wedding photographers at shot at the historic Earl Smith Strand Theater.  I would like to give you a little background on the Earl Smith Strand Theater.  The Strand Theatre, is a noted historic landmark on the historic Marietta Square in Cobb County, got its start as a major motion picture house around 1935. The Strand provided movie entertainment to thousands of people of all ages until it closed its doors as a movie house in 1976.   In 2002 community leaders got together and researched the idea of restoring the classic theater.  After a few years of hard work and fund raising they restored this beautiful venue in January 2009.

This particular photo was taken during a wedding in Marietta Square. After the wedding they went to Marietta Square and started taking photos.  The groom mentioned to them that he had a friend at the Strand Theater and that he arranged for them to take some photos from the roof there.  They went to the Strand Theater and the staff there could not have been more gracious!  We went up the elevator and got to the veranda at the top.  The view was stupendous, you could see all of Marietta Square from there.  We took some photos from there and started down the elevator where we were greeted by the Strand Staff.  They noticed that the theater was empty and asked if we could take photos there.  The employee said sure.  They knew exactly where They wanted to go.  We went to the stage and They lined the couple up on the light so they would be back lit.  That was when They got this classic black and white photo in a historic landmark the Earl Smith Strand Theatre.  

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