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AtlantaArtisticWeddings shoot at the Payne Corley House

Payne Corley House Wedding Venue In Duluth Georgia

The Atlanta wedding photographers at shoot at the famed Payne Corley House an Historic Event Venue

This weekend I had the honor of shooting at one of my favorite venues the Payne Corley House.  The Atlanta wedding photographers at love shooting at this historic event venue.  They are staffed by many professionals.  This week we worked with Jennifer Fulford.  She was great to work with and a real team player!  She took care of the Bride and Groom through out the day. 

To give a little background on this venue.  The owners of the venue are Krista Summerour Ganley and her husband Michael Ganley.  They make a great team and complement each other's talents perfectly.  He is a classically trained chef and been working in the restaurant insdustry since 1994.  Krista has been int the hospitality industry since 1995.  She has been at the Ritz-Carlton and other properties in New Orleans and Atlanta. 

The history of the actual building I am going to take from their website.  

 The Payne-Corley House was built between 1870 and 1873 by David Little when Duluth was still known as “Howell’s Crossing.” Built as a farmhouse, the home received a date placard in 1873, the same year that the city took on its current name of Duluth, most likely indicating the year that the Little family made it their permanent home. Later, the home was sold to the Respess family who also maintained it as a private residence.

When Miss Winnie was ready to leave the house, a group of five girlhood friends of Betsy Corley and Duluth natives, purchased the home and christened it the Payne-Corley House.  They transformed the beloved family home into a unique special events facility. Jane (Lynott) Wilson, Judy (Mulkie) Burel, Annette (Knox) Summerour, Margie (Tonge) Ross and Emma (Bray) Deavours, known as the “Dreamkeepers,” were dedicated to maintaining the home’s historic charm while refurbishing it to meet the needs of a modern clientele. They successfully built the Payne-Corley House into one of the Southeast’s most celebrated event destinations.

In 2004, the daughter of one of the Dreamkeepers, Duluth native Krista Summerour Ganley, and her husband, Michael Ganley, brought their world-class experience in events management and gourmet cuisine as the Payne-Corley House’s new management team. In 2008, the Ganleys purchased the Payne-Corley House and launched a major facility expansion with upgrades across the property, providing enhanced services for weddings and special events.

What really makes the venue great is though is the staff.  They are one of the greatest wedding teams out there.  This week we had a change in the weather and the staff took care of everything!  What I describe on wedding day is "we monitor and adjust" because trough out the day conditions and time change.  What you keep in mind is you are on a team that main objective is to help the bride and groom in any way that you can!

Bridal Room at Payne Corley House

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