Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Atlantaartisticweddings captures Atlanta Skyline

The Atlanta wedding photographers at capture Skyline

The Atlanta wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings capture the city's skyline and Atlanta Landmarks

As a Atlanta wedding photographer is truly an honor to photograph so many wonderful locations.  This was a great wedding and such a wonderful couple!  During the planning stages they picked some iconic Atlanta locations to capture the city's skyline.  

To get some great photos you need to some planning ahead of time.  This couple was great!  We made a google map and shared it with me.  That way when we look at the map we can pick photo locations in between the church and the reception.  So when the big day came we could hit 3 different iconic photo locations on the way to the reception.  We did it all in 45 minutes!  

Atlanta skyline by

One of the other locations we shot at was at Centennial  Park nestled in the heart of the city. We walked across the park and took some photos by the Olympic ring fountain.  Yes I stood in the middle of the fountain to get this shot.   You know a Atlanta wedding photographer will do anything to get the shot.   I like the blurred Atlanta skyline in the background and the water in the fountain in the foreground. 

I want to give this Atlanta bride and groom a big thanks!  They were so gracious through out the day.  They enjoyed the moment and had a wonderful time.  They were surrounded by great family and friends who celebrated their special day!

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