Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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The Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings Produce Dramatic Photography

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I always enjoy shooting unique weddings and this was no exception.  The couple could not have been sweeter. The couple came from out of town to get married her with their family and friends in the area.

The day started out with a little precipitation but this couple was not going to let that rain on their wedding day!  The ceremony was very intimate and had a lot of family participation.  They had some of the younger children do some of the readings and these kids did great!  They took their job very seriously and everyone loved them!  

After the ceremony we ran out of light and there was a slight mist going on.  So we could not do any of the large group shoots outside.  So I put my Atlanta wedding photographer thinking cap on! Well before the wedding I bought sparklers for the couple for their exit.  I knew since they were from out of town the would not have time to pick some up so I found a fireworks place on the way to the wedding.  While at the fire works place I saw the smoke bombs and thought mmmmmmh maybe we can do something with these?  After the ceremony I backed my car into the woods behind the Atlanta church so my headlights were facing out.   So I got the couple to stand in front of my car with the lights on and a remote flash.  We lit the smoke bombs and my partner came behind them with on there smoke bomb.  The results are in the photo you see above.  The whole photo shoot took about 4 minutes from beginning to end.  I hope you enjoy the wedding photo as much as I did taking it.  Just goes to show with a little planning with your wedding photography you can get some dramatic photos!

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