Friday, March 23, 2018

google maps by AtlantaArtisticWeddings | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Atalanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtistic Wedding Shares Google Map of Wedding Facilities

Wedding Photography by AtlantaArtisticWeddings at the Delta Museum

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I enjoy a great map.  May it be a map of locations we need to go to on the wedding day, or a map of great photo locations.  I have made a few maps to share with the bride and grooms of Atlanta along with the Atlanta wedding photographers of Atlanta.  I hope you can you use these maps as tools to make your photos better and help with your wedding planning.

Shhhh it is secret!  All these great Photo Locations in Atlanta!

Please visit these sites below for links that will make your wedding planning easier!

Sparkler Photography by AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Map of Historic Wedding Venues in the Atlanta Area by AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Since I am involved in historic preservation.  I have a love of historic wedding venues.  Since we live an work in Atlanta there are many historic wedding venues with their own personality and charm.  I have made a map just a few historic wedding venues in this Google map.  You can look up each one by going to this link at Atlanta Artistic Weddings website.

There also many historic places of worship scattered through out the Atlanta Area.  These churches, temples and synagogues are beautiful.  They reflect the history and rich culture that makes Atlanta great!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Decatur Courthouse by The Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

AtlantaArtisticWeddings shoots a Beautiful Wedding at the Historic Decatur Courthouse

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful places to shoot at.  There are so many historical wedding venues in the area.  Which are some of my favorite places to shoot at.  That is why I love the Historic Decatur Courthouse.  It is a wonderfully designed venue and that is in a great location.

First thing I want to do in this blog is to thank this sweet couple for giving me the honor of shooting their wedding. They are so thoughtful to each other.  I see such a bright future for the both of them.  Not only is their bond to each other is strong but they are supported by a great group of friends and family who love them.

The interior of the Historic Decatur Courthouse by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

The day started out with getting ready photos at the hotel which was a short walking distance from the venue.  When the guys were ready we headed over to the courthouse to do the first look.  There is a gazebo there behind the venue and we did the first look there.  The groom cried when he saw his bride for the first time in her dress.  It was emotional time for all.  We then proceeded to do some fun photos around the Decatur courthouse.  The Decatur square is right next to the venue and is a fun place for all.  So we did some shoots there. While we were doing the photos we had a marching band that happened to be there play for us.  It was so coooool!

First Dance by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

We then went in side to the Decatur courthouse.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  Since no one was around I asked them to practice their first dance.  They had the ball room all to their selves.  It made for a very special moment for all.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

AtlantaArtisticWeddings uses 2 photographers | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Photograph by Sarah Newman at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings work to give our Bride and Grooms the best wedding day experience 

As a Atlanta wedding photographer  I am always looking at what I can do to get better.  I think since I have been shooting with talented photographers I gotten and better.  I have worked with many very talented photographers but in the last couple of years I have hand the luck to be working with Sarah Newman.   I think our photography styles complement each other.  We can give the client more coverage and better product.

If you look at this really cool moment captured by Sarah I was working with the bride and groom as they came down the isle.  As you know there are thousands of memorable moments that happen during a wedding day.  These moments are happening while interacting in the bridal room, reception hall, the grooms room with the groomsmen, the wedding ceremony the hotel where everyone is getting ready.  There is no way that I can be every where.  That is why this year I only shoot with another talented photographer.  That way as a team we can cover more for our clients.  Sometimes when I am going through the photos I see a beautiful photo, or moment captured and I don't know if I shot it or Sarah shot it.  At the end of the day it really doesn't matter as long as we are giving our clients the best shots we can, give the best service we can and capture the moments that make up their wedding day.

The great thing when having a second female photographer is that she can be in the bridal room so all the girls can feel comfortable.  I can be working with the men at the same time and they can feel comfortable with another male in their room.  Together once again we can give the client more coverage and a better product.  At the end of the day that is what we want is to give the best photos we can to our clients.

When I start talking about the wedding team at Atlanta Artistic Weddings we have to mention or kick but editor Lizzie Yeung .  She is our editor and talented designer.  Lizzie gets the credit for making our photos look awesome and that we can get the photographs back to our clients quickly usually in a week.  She also does the designs for the wedding albums for our clients.  Lizzie goes through all the photographs and gives the best photos to our clients. 

We are so lucky that god brought this team together.  We love people, we love  weddings, We love photography and we love working together,  These things come through in our Atlanta wedding photography.

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