Friday, March 23, 2018

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Atalanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtistic Wedding Shares Google Map of Wedding Facilities

Wedding Photography by AtlantaArtisticWeddings at the Delta Museum

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I enjoy a great map.  May it be a map of locations we need to go to on the wedding day, or a map of great photo locations.  I have made a few maps to share with the bride and grooms of Atlanta along with the Atlanta wedding photographers of Atlanta.  I hope you can you use these maps as tools to make your photos better and help with your wedding planning.

Shhhh it is secret!  All these great Photo Locations in Atlanta!

Please visit these sites below for links that will make your wedding planning easier!

Sparkler Photography by AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Map of Historic Wedding Venues in the Atlanta Area by AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Since I am involved in historic preservation.  I have a love of historic wedding venues.  Since we live an work in Atlanta there are many historic wedding venues with their own personality and charm.  I have made a map just a few historic wedding venues in this Google map.  You can look up each one by going to this link at Atlanta Artistic Weddings website.

There also many historic places of worship scattered through out the Atlanta Area.  These churches, temples and synagogues are beautiful.  They reflect the history and rich culture that makes Atlanta great!

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