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Atlanta Wedding Photographers Reviews | AtlantaArtsticWeddings

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

The Atlanta wedding photographers at AtlantaArtsiticWeddings care about the bride and grooms that they serve.  You can tell by their reviews.

When you are looking for a Atlanta wedding photographer you need to look at their reviews and the style of photography that you want for your wedding.  At Atlanta Artistic Weddings the they have a photo journalistic style that captures the candid moments of your wedding day.  They work hard to give the photos you want.  They have won numerous awards and have won the couples choice award from WeddingWire.

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Please take the time and read some the google reviews

"David and the entire Atlanta Artistic Weddings team far surpassed any expectations I had for my wedding photography. My husband and I had a bit of a time crunch with the venue on the day of our wedding and had to do some of our photos at another location before the ceremony and David was flexible, and so patient through the whole process. The day of the wedding the team went above and beyond by making sure I (the bride) had everything I needed and got every photo I wanted and they really made me feel special and taken care of. When it started raining during our photo session, they saved the day by bringing out a beautiful white umbrella and taking some incredible shots in the rain. No matter what obstacle came up, David always knew just how to handle it and how to keep me calm in the process. He and his team literally were the highlight of my experience with vendors and I couldn't imagine the day going so smoothly without them. I would HIGHLY recommend them for ANY event that you are trying to capture. They are full of such good energy and they bring so much joy with them wherever they go. They are truly a pleasure to work with."

"We used David for our wedding day and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our decision. He is so kind and considerate and was supportive and helpful from the day we reached out to him. We are going through or photographs now and are so happy with how he captured our day. It is also great that David provides you with the photos electronically and the license to print and share them on your own. This is a very unique practice in the industry and saves a lot on printing costs. We strongly recommend Atlanta Artistic Weddings without hesitation! You will not be disappointed."

"David took both our engagement photos as well as wedding day and I have zero regrets about choosing to work with him. In fact, I've had numerous inquiries from folks about who our photographer was - our guests ("we barely even noticed he was around yet he captured so many great pics!"), other vendors ("found him so easy to work alongside him") and those who weren't at the wedding but are blown away by the pictures. From a practical standpoint, David was responsive right from the beginning, showed up on time for things and stayed until the job was done (never felt rushed or pressured to look at a clock), and always came prepared with everything he needed. So I would definitely consider him to be organized and professional from that standpoint. Likewise, his speed in getting photos back was OUTSTANDING.

Most importantly, though, I feel like David had a way of capturing the right "stuff". You know those moments that bring a memory to life? Like the smile on someone's face or an exchanged glance that you had no idea someone was tuned into. I think of event photos, especially weddings, in three broad categories that I like to see; 1) the mid-range photos that most of us are accustomed to seeing and taking, 2) the details shots that allow you to zoom in on what makes something unique and 3) the larger zoomed-out wide angle shots that give the context for where the event is happening. David got a great mix of the three so not only are my wedding photos interesting, they really tell our story.
Don't hesitate to hire David. He's a great photographer and a great guy, and the value for his services cannot be beat. I recommend him without reservation. Thank you David!"Lex

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

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atlantaartsiticweddings wedding photographers who care!

photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

It is an honor being a Atlanta wedding photographer.   It is a honor that I do not take lightly.  The couples I serve have given me the responsibility to photograph their wedding day.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I look forward to the emotional moments that make up a wedding day.

We love the wedding photography!  I can not express how much the Atlanta wedding photographers at love wedding photography!  I am proud to say that the Atlanta wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings are some of the best in Georgia. 

photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisicWeddings share photography

We are constantly looking at ways to take better wedding photography and ways to make the bride and grooms wedding day less stressful.  We strive to take the best wedding photos.  As a group of Atlanta wedding photographers we have a passion for what we do and love the metro area!

photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I love weddings!  We get to shoot beautiful wedding dresses meet such wonderful people.  You get to part of day when they get to celebrate their love for one another.  They get share their families and they joy that they bring them!

It is a honor being a Atlanta Wedding Photographer!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Atlanta wedding photographers have seen fire and rain!

photography by the Atlanta Wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at it is a honor to shoot so many weddings and meet so many wonderful people. This weekend was just like that.  I got to shoot a wonderful venue and meet some really great people.  This particular bride and groom were just awesome!!!!

Atlanta wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings shoot in the rain at Ashton Gardens

The wedding went on without a hitch.  The bride wore a A line wedding dress with layered lace and chiffon at the bottom to give it form.  It looked great on her!  Her bridesmaids were such fun also.  The wedding ceremony was very unique.  To give you a little back story the groom went on a few mission trips with the minister that did the ceremony.  One of their trips they went to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro carrying a large wooden cross setting a world record.  You can see then here in this news article.   You get to meet so many neat people when you are a Atlanta wedding photographer

photography by the Atlanta Wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings

After the ceremony we did the family photos.  We then moved on to the photos of the bridal party.  We wanted to do them outside but just as we were going to open the doors to go out side it started to rain!  We did a few photos inside and let the bridal party go to the reception area.  Then it was just the bride and groom and us.  I could tell they were a lot more relaxed and could be their selves.  We had a lot of fun.  I mentioned that I have done some photos in the rain and you she had seen them and wanted to do some also.  You can see my photos the Atlanta Wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisicWeddings have done here of night photography with rain.  We went out side and the bride took off here shoes.  They were literally dancing in the rain!  It was so rock and roll.  She had so much confidence! 

We then went to the reception.  The wedding was taking place at Ashton Gardens.  A wedding facility out side of Atlanta.  It is a favorite among a lot Atlanta wedding photographers since they have such a great staff and a lot of places to shoot at there.  While the reception was going on the rain had stopped.  I looked out for places for the sparkler exit and lined up everyone in front of the chapel.  We then got the guest to hold their sparklers for the wedding exit and boom!!! You have a wedding that has seen fire and rain.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

AtlantaArtisticWeddings Professional Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding photographers at 

Let take a few minutes to introduce you to the professional Atlanta wedding photographers at  They have been in business for over 15 years which is a long time in the wedding photography business.  The best part of Atlanta Artistic Weddings is that they truly care for the bride and groom and they are the best people to have in your corner on your wedding day.

Atlanta wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings 

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding photographers at 

Let me introduce you to David Diener at  He has been in the photography business for over 30 years.  He started out in high school shooting artsy photos and concerts that his dad would get him into.  From there he went on to Appalachian State University where he studied commercial design and photography.  He then got a job at a cultural resource firm where he started doing the artifact photography.  He then moved on to large format photography.  There he worked on some of the most prestigious historic properties in the United States.  You can see some of his work at Library of Congress.  

Now for the last 12 years he has been honing his photography skills on Atlanta wedding photography.  Where he has worked at the some of the most prestigious wedding venues in Atlanta.  You can visit Atlanta Artistic Weddings and see some of the places he has shot at.  He is a preferred vendor at Payne Corley House, and Nalor Hall.  He is the master of the sparkler exit with professional back lighting. 

AtlantaArtsiticWeddings Captures Sparkler Exit | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

The Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings Capture Sparkler Exit at Flint Hill
I am so blessed to be a Atlanta Wedding photographer.  I get to work with so many wonderful bride and grooms!  This week was no exception.  I was working with Adam and his fiance Meagan.  They are wonderful couple born and raised in the Atlanta area.  They had one of the most beautiful sparkler exits ever!

The wedding the wedding tool place at the Flint Hill mansion in Norcorss. It is a beautiful wedding facility tucked away from the downtown area of Norcross on a large lot.  Atlanta wedding photographers love this facility because it has so many wonderful places to shoot.   It has the historic mansion that has a wrought iron fence with some great details.   It has a large area for you reception and ceremony in the backyard covered in romantic lighting.  There is even a covered are where you can set up your bar and dance.  The group at this wedding really enjoyed that area!

Atlanta wedding photographers at photograph sparkler exit

There is also a large dining are for tables for you guests.  There is a slight raised area that is perfect for serving your food and even giving speeches to your guests.  All in all just a great layout for a wedding venue. 

Now to the sparkler exit!  For a sparkler exit timing is everything.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer at AtlantaArtisticWeddings I have shot many sparkler exits and everyone I have learned something new. I had a wonderful second shooter Glennis and she had my back on this one.  It was sort of tight for the exit and we lined everyone up.  She followed behind them at the perfect distance and you can even see her shoe in the wedding photo above which I think adds a little character to the photo.  My favorite part of the photo is the brides reaction!  She is so happy!!!!

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AtlantaArtisticWeddings Teaches at Emory

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding photographers at

The Atlanta Wedding Photographer at AtlantaArtisticWeddings Teaches at Emory

The Atlanta wedding photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings are teaching photography at Emory.  The Atlanta wedding photographers are all about learning and giving back.  AtlantaArtisticWeddings is always looking at ways to get better by looking at the latest updates to the photo editing programs such as lightroom and photoshop.  David Diener teaches at Emory and is on top of the latest advancements in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Lightroom.    David of AtlantaArtisticWeddings also teaches photography and strobe photography. 

You can learn the latest about Lightroom at  This is what Adobe is saying about lightroom.

Easily edit, organize, store, and share — anywhere.
Create incredible photos anywhere with all-new Lightroom CC and 1TB of cloud storage. Get powerful editing features on any device in a new, easy-to-use interface. Edit in full resolution and have both your original photos and edits backed up to the cloud. Organize your photos with searchable keywords that are automatically applied without the hassle of tagging. And easily share and showcase your photos in fun ways.
Anywhere editing.
With easy-to-use sliders, filters, and quick adjustment tools, the intuitive Lightroom CC interface makes it simple to create photos that look just the way you want. And you can edit your full-resolution photos anywhere — on mobile devices, the web, or your desktop. Edits on one device are automatically applied everywhere else.
Smarter organization.
Adobe Sensei uses the power of machine learning to apply searchable keywords automatically. Looking for shots from your favorite trips to the water? Adobe Sensei auto-tagging makes finding your photos a snap so you can create albums based on any theme you want.
Worry-free storage.
Starting at 1TB with options for more, the cloud storage in Lightroom CC ensures that you can access your entire library of full-resolution photos anytime you want, anywhere you are, from any device.
Easy sharing.
Share your photos with loved ones, clients, or an even bigger audience. Post your photographs directly to social sites. Create stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories in minutes with Adobe Spark. Or create a website with Adobe Portfolio for the ultimate showcase. And it’s all included in your membership.

It is a great program and you can learn it from David Diener at Emory.  You can learn more about David by his bio there that goes like this:

David Diener is a professional photographer with over 20 years of professional experience. His photography experience is rich in diversity. He started out in art school in North Carolina where he mastered fine art and fashion photography. He then started working for archaeology companies and has worked on some of the most famous archaeological sites in the United States. There he mastered his documentary skills and managed large-scale photography projects. While in Atlanta David has combined all his experience and his love of people and put into his wedding photography. David has been honored to photograph some of the most wonderful weddings in Atlanta and had the pleasure to photograph their families.In addition to being a wonderfully personable photographer. David is a world renowned nationally published photographer. Recently his photographs have been in Archaeology Magazine, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Down South Magazine, Points North Magazine and Creative Loafing. He originally hails from North Carolina where his father was a famous folk artist. He brings his father's hard work ethic and artistic eye to every shot. His photographs and artwork are proudly displayed in homes and galleries through out the world.His down-home attitude and his artistic eye will capture the candid moments in your wedding. You can guarantee that David’s old school work ethic and his photo journalistic style will capture your wedding with photographs you will be proud to share and cherish forever.