Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kate + Brendan

Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings

A perk of being a wedding photographer is befriending people. Though I’m behind a camera lens, I get the chance to get to know a couple and document some of their life’s most precious moments together. Five years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph Kate and Brendan's Druid Hills Country Club wedding. The couple recently contacted me about scheduling another photo session, but this time to commemorate their five-year wedding anniversary.

Summertime in Georgia is an endless playground for creative photographers like me seeking to catch untouched, natural beauty. I had researched possible shooting locations with seasonal flowers in full bloom. Atlanta offered a wide variety of lush parks and botanical gardens, but I wanted something different, something off the beaten path. To my surprise, I discovered the ideal spot for a summer afternoon photo session—Anderson's Sunflower Farm in Cumming, Georgia.

Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings
Just an hour northeast of Atlanta is a rustic farm with rows upon rows of 2- to 5-foot tall golden sunflowers. This particular shoot couldn’t have been better calculated. Sunflowers bud during a short span in mid to late July—typically for a week or so—and then, they disappear. I contacted Anderson’s Sunflower Farm and was able to photograph Kate and Brendan on the opening day of the season. Amongst the farm’s dense fields of yellow and green were several props positioned throughout the property. These included classic cars, a tractor, and an old wooden barn fitting for impeccable photo ops. My personal favorite was the abandoned farm truck.

What a lovely afternoon it was to shoot and catch up with one of my favorite couples. Not to mention, while driving home, I spotted a rainbow extended across the sky.

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