Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Beauty of Blue Hour

Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings

In the early 1900s, American poet Robert Frost introduced the concept of the road “less traveled by”—a simple, yet influential phrase many have interpreted far beyond the literal. Though Mr. Frost had an intriguing perspective, and the poem’s various meanings have warranted excellent classroom discussions, sometimes, the road “less traveled by” is overrated, especially when it comes to photography. As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I thrive on taking roads often traveled. I recently had the opportunity to shoot on one of the South’s most prominent and heavily traveled roadways.
Peachtree Street is a true Atlanta symbol, and one of those roads you can’t help but love despite constant rush hour traffic, occasional jaywalkers and minor potholes. From Five Points to Buckhead, Peachtree Street has many notable landmarks along its route. They include, but aren’t limited to the Georgia-Pacific Tower, Bank of America (Atlanta’s tallest building), the High Museum of Art, and Phipps Plaza. My personal favorite section of Peachtree Street, though, is between the historic Fox Theatre and Georgian Terrace in midtown. With its exceptional architecture and rich history, this area was perfect for a bridal photo shoot.
Because I’m a photographer, I’m not only looking at location, but also light. Sunlight, streetlight, you name it. One of my favorite times of day to shoot is the blue hour. The blue hour, more commonly known as twilight, occurs for about 15 to 20 minutes before sunrise and after sunset. Though blue is a primary color and can be described as cold, photographing during the blue hour can be both beautiful and magical. Just look at how the color complemented this stunning bride’s complexion, creating a lovely photograph.
Besides the lighting, what I loved most about working with this bride was her unashamed confidence as she crossed Peachtree Street. She carried an irreplaceable aura as if she owned the road, as if she could stop traffic with her presence. Imagine exuding the same kind of poise on your wedding day.

Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings

The second location we shot at was on top of the 14th Street parking deck. Once again, we utilized the beauty of twilight and added the diverse Atlanta skyline as a backdrop for some classic, romantic black and white photography as seen above. 
The third and final photographing locale we visited was Krog Street Tunnel. A direct link for the Cabbagetown and Inman Park neighborhoods, this popular passageway is known for it’s colorful and vibrant street artwork. Talk about the perfect artsy photo op.
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Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings

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