Thursday, November 15, 2018

Galina + Hesam

Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings
Many, many moons ago, I mustered the courage to propose to my beautiful wife, who I’ve had the honor of being married to for over 28 blissful years. And what better setting to pop the question than one of Atlanta’s most iconic and eclectic landmarks—the Fox Theatre. I’ve written about this historic place before, but I never grow tired of talking about it. And I certainly haven’t grown tired of photographing it. In fact, the Fox is, perhaps, one of my top favorite places to photograph around the city. Why you ask? Well, for starters, just admire its unmistaken architectural beauty.
In 1928, the ornamental, mosque-style structure was originally constructed as home-base of Atlanta’s Yaarab Shrine organization. However, it was later renovated into a fully functioning, live entertainment venue, showcasing award-winning artists and bands, plays and musicals and classic film, including the premiere of Steamboat Willie, Disney’s first cartoon starring Mickey Mouse. And the entertainment isn’t the only incredible aspect of the Fox. The building, including its two ballrooms, is decorated in true Far East fashion with towering columns, vibrant mosaics, antique stained glass and authentic hieroglyphics written on the walls. It’s an ideal location for any event, including a fabulous, mid-November wedding. 
Last Saturday, we had the absolute delight of capturing Galina and Hesam’s elegant wedding soiree at the Fox. Before the wedding festivities began, the beautiful bride and her four lovely bridesmaids gathered across Peachtree Street at the chic Georgian Terrace Hotel for hair, makeup and champagne. We documented snapshots of Galina getting ready, including my personal favorite—the one of her admiring her gorgeous wedding shoes. Galina and Hesam opted for a first look, which was photographed at the Cobb Galleria Gardens just north of the city, and we, of course, took many candids of the reception, which was held in the Fox’s highly themed Egyptian Ballroom.

Photography by the Atlanta wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings
While all photographs we managed to capture were ideal, the best photographs of Galina and Hesam were yet to come. Because there were no performances of any kind at the Fox that night, we were able to shoot in the auditorium and on the stage. Most wouldn’t give this unique opportunity a second thought. However, this was a big deal. The Fox maintains this certain grandeur that could make even the simplest person dream the biggest dreams. And who doesn’t love a “vast cobalt ‘sky’ with a sea of twinkling stars”? It’s breathtaking to say the least. A special ‘thank you’ to the site coordinator, Tom Bellamy, for his knowledge, kindness and assistance in giving us a memorable behind-the-scenes look. Side note, if you’ve never experienced the Fox Theatre in person; schedule a guided tour as soon as you can. You won’t regret it. 
I could ramble on about this historic place and still not be able to craft the perfect words to describe how special it is. While the obvious visible appeal is present, another element of the Fox that makes it a truly beautiful place is the people working there. Being a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve met and worked many wonderful and talented wedding industry professionals, who’ve been in the game for quite sometime and are good at what they do. However, I’ve never met anyone as accommodating and delightful and dripping with Southern hospitality as those at the Fox. Rachel Bomeli, the Fox Director of Events, has assembled a knowledgeable team of unique creatives, who demonstrate their talents and overall positive attributes to make any event possible. Nancy Lutz—the Director of Special Events, who booked Galina and Hesam’s wedding and was present for their walk through—answered any questions and assisted in any way she could. And I can’t leave out Leigh Burns, who is the Director of the Fox Theatre Institute, which is “a dynamic outreach program offering historic preservation and operations expertise, consultation and education to performing arts venues in Georgia and the region.” Without her, the Fox and its rich history wouldn’t exist. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Overall, it was a fabulous night. Congratulations again, Galina and Hesam!
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